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Profane, Irreverent, and Snarky is no way to go through life, son.

As if reading me wasn’t enough . . .

The narcissistic egomaniac in me was not satisfied with the blog, so I talked my good friend and private investigator extraordinaire, Hal Humphreys, into doing a podcast with me.  The first episode is on the topic of Jury Service and Diversity on Jury Panels and features special guest Robert Hirschhorn, a preeminent jury consultant.  It went live today and can be heard at  Taking the PIS.


The Rule

When our daughters were very young, my wife and I tried to teach them to live by the Golden Rule. Apparently, “treat others the way you want to be treated” is open to interpretation.  Thinking we might have gone a little too wordy, we simplified our house rule to “be nice” and subsequently learned that, too, is fraught with ambiguity.  A little over three years ago,

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Every criminal defense attorney I know regularly gets asked “The Question” — “How do you represent those people?”  My knee-jerk reaction to “The Question” is usually a two-word answer that starts with “Fuck” and ends with “Y**.”  However, after 22 years as a criminal defense attorney — and a small fortune’s worth of therapy to try and learn how to effectively express my emotions, other than just



This is the personal blog of Reagan Wynn.  For information about Reagan’s law practice, please visit https://www.reaganwynn.law.  Topics could be anything from the criminal justice system to the current state of The Dallas Stars to which band is going out on a Fall run that can’t be missed to Reagan’s dark-house candidacy for “parent of the year.”  Topics will NOT include politics or religion — at least not directly — because Reagan is trying to find a creative outlet that doesn’t get him in a bunch of fights.

A couple of years ago, Reagan was trying to think of how to best forewarn the audience before delivering a continuing legal education presentation and said, “I am profane, irreverent, and snarky.  If that’s not your thing, this is probably a good time to go grab a drink.”  With that in mind, If you are offended by profanity, extreme sarcasm, or a persons exhibiting a huge problem with authority, this is probably not the blog for you.

Reagan is a Gen X husband and father of two teen-aged girls living in CowTown, a/k/a Fort Worth, Texas.   He is an attorney who has spent more than 22 years practicing solely as a criminal defense lawyer.  Reagan is also a near pathological Dallas Stars hockey fan and a music lover with incredibly diverse tastes (think Vivaldi, The Smiths, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and The Black Crowes mixed in with Public Enemy, Todd Snider, James Brown, The Velvet Underground, and Willie Nelson).  Reagan is nearly incapable of carrying on a conversation without dropping movie line/song lyric references and is almost always reading at least three different books on wildly divergent topics.  Reagan aspires to become a hippy ski-bum, but realizes that ship probably sailed more than 25 years ago, and he’s not bitter at all.